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10/15/2016: Touring Christchurch

I didn’t even get to write my blog about the damage seen in our visit to Christchurch before the next earthquake has devastated New Zealand.  Kaikoura and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful areas that I have ever experienced and hope…

Kaikoura: May you Sleep Peacefully Again Soon – Wordless Wednesday

Hoiho Quest

When I research a trip, I make a list of must sees, like to see, and hope to see.  On this year’s trip to the South Island of New Zealand, Kiwi’s and penguins were pretty high on the priority list.  It’s great to read all…

Southern Fur Seals

It’s always interesting when the rock moves and you realize that it never was a rock.  At the base of the cliff at the end of Victory Beach on the Otago Peninsula we found a couple of southern fur seal pups hidden in the rocks….

My 7 Favorite Photos

My cousin challenged me to pick 7 of my favorite landscape photographs to be displayed over 7 days for a Facebook nature photo challenge.  I would like to say that they are my favorites but I imposed more rules on myself than need be….

10/21/2015: Biking along Cook’s Bay

The day started with an amazing sunrise over Cook’s Bay.  I am usually very good with directions but flying into another hemisphere, 2 cloudy days and driving around a peninsula have totally thrown me off.  The sun appears to be rising from the north….

10/20/2014: Touring Coromandel Peninsula

It wasn’t on the itinerary but The Coromandel was one of those happy accidents that make traveling so fun.  With the suggestion of friends, we drove a loop through the Coromandel Peninsula.  Our first hike was through a very different kind of forest for…