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1/19/2017 Cross Country Skiing in Yosemite National Park

Is it a drought again?  Or was the snow of 2017 the anomaly? As I see the first blossoms of Spring, I realize that we are not going to see much more rain this year if any.  It’s depressing.  We had five years of…

Sea Creature – Wordless Wednesday

01/05/2018: Hiking San Simeon Point

I am still trying to mentally leave 2017 behind.  So I took the dogs for a hike at San Simeon Point. While I’ve always gone out to the point, I have never followed the trails beyond.  There are 2 rows of Monterey Cypress that…

California State Railroad Museum – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Photo’s from a trip to Old Town Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum.  9/8/2016. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge  

9/29/2016: Running Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

I was so impressed with hiking Point Lobos State Natural Reserve that I decided to return on my morning run.  As I arrived at the entrance, I found a group of runners with the same idea just waiting for the park to open.  It…

9/28/2016: Hiking Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

The character of the Monterey coast is all present at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.  The towering sculptural Cypress amassed in contorted groves, the textures of the pendulous lace lichen hanging from the Coast Live Oaks, the pastel colors of the wildflowers intermixed in…

Trentepohlia – Wordless Wednesday

9/30/2016: Touring the garden of the Mission San Antonio de Padua

First impressions are a tricky thing. When you walk into the courtyard of the Mission San Antonio de Padua, you aren’t bowled over by the beauty.  It’s a little sparse.  Everything is showing a little drought stress from the summer heat and earthquake retrofit…

Wear sunscreen – Wordless Wednesday

6/27/2016: Bicycling Lowes Canyon

Lowes Canyon has become my new favorite ride.  But, trying to beat the predicted 106 degree temperatures, I had to be out the door at 6 am.  It was amazing to compare pictures with a couple of weeks ago.  The light and shadows of the…

6/7/2016: Bicycling Lowes Canyon

I finally bought a new bicycle.  The pavement is so bad in our area that I would rather be on the dirt roads where someone will spend a Saturday afternoon on their tractor knocking down the washboard; the city just watches the asphalt crumble….

6/5/2016: Bicycling Winters

I participate in a lot of benefits but none is more meaningful to me than the RideATAXIA. My old boss’s nephew was stricken with Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) at age 9.  Initially it presented as a loss of coordination earning him the nickname “Stumbles” at school….