9/29/2016: Running Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

I was so impressed with hiking Point Lobos State Natural Reserve that I decided to return on my morning run.  As I arrived at the entrance, I found a group of runners with the same idea just waiting for the park to open.  It was great to cover the trails that I had missed the previous day and, once the other runners had chosen a different trail, I felt like I had the park to myself.

The only mistake I made was running from the hotel.  I don’t mind running busy roads but Route 1 was ridiculous.  Every blind corner had a truck speeding north, hugging the shoulder to maintain whatever momentum he had.  It got old quickly; I should have driven to the park and done all my running on quiet trails, enjoying the tranquility of the nature reserve.

Whaler’s Cove
Whaler’s Cabin
Abalone shells
Whaling Station Museum
Cypress Cove
Dyer’s Polypore (Phaeolus schweinitzii)
Sunrise through the fog and pines


View from Route 1 as the coastal fog receded


6 thoughts on “9/29/2016: Running Point Lobos State Natural Reserve”

    1. Unfortunately not when I was there in the morning. We should have gone there the afternoon before to see the museum. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places so I was happy to see it (my other guide after UNESCO)

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