9/28/2016: Hiking Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

The character of the Monterey coast is all present at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.  The towering sculptural Cypress amassed in contorted groves, the textures of the pendulous lace lichen hanging from the Coast Live Oaks, the pastel colors of the wildflowers intermixed in the coastal scrub, and the ephemeral views of the rocky cliffs revealed by the shifting fog.  Wildlife can be seen in the forest, in the cliffs, and on the water.  It doesn’t take much time to realize why so many authors, artists, and creative people were attracted to the California coast south of Carmel.  The full range of emotions are reflected off the Pacific Ocean, carefree crystal blue in the sunshine and moody grey when the clouds roll in.

Just off Route 1, it’s a busy park.  But, with so much natural beauty in a small space so close to Carmel, Point Lobos is worth the visit.


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