6/1/2016: Photographing Yolo Bypass

I was in Davis, California for a benefit ride again and decided to return to the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area to see what I could find.  This is one area that I would like to see during the peak of the bird migration season but my visits usually coincide with beginning of summer so I get what I get.  The area is not very aesthetic but it’s fun to see the bird life in a combination of auto tour and quick hikes.

4 thoughts on “6/1/2016: Photographing Yolo Bypass”

    1. Apparently fall and winter are the best times to see the waterfowl. I would really like to get back to Thule lake and the Klamath area to see the migrating birds with canoe and camera in hand.


    1. Thanks. It doesn’t look very exciting from the freeway but there are some great gems in there. Maps are available at https://nrm.dfg.ca.gov/FileHandler.ashx?DocumentID=99259&inline (since the ones on site have been vandalized). I noticed that there are docent led tours on the second Saturday every month. I have only been there twice but the road on the west side that hugs the creek has consistently provided a lot of opportunities for photographs, the birds are less skittish when cars go by, and it can be seen in a 1/2 hour. Now you have all my secrets, I can’t wait to see your blog.

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