5/25/2016: Mountain Biking Santa Margarita Lake

One of the reasons that I love cycling is that you quietly ride up on wildlife before they ever have a chance to react.  I remember the first time I came upon a bobcat.  I came around a corner and a small dog was standing 15′ away, staring at me.  Like a checklist in my mind, I thought, it has pointed ears, a short tail, a cat shaped nose…”Hey, thats a bobcat.”

Now, getting the camera out of the backpack is a different story.

Luckily, today, I came around the corner on a couple of turkey hens who just stood there.  I got my camera out of the backpack and watched as their brood slowly emerged from the undergrowth and crossed the trail, slowly moving off into the chaparral. DSC_0041DSC_0067DSC_0068DSC_0076DSC_0080DSC_0082DSC_0096

4 Comments on “5/25/2016: Mountain Biking Santa Margarita Lake

  1. Turkey babies! Awesome. I love how they are looking at your sizing you up. They are even walking away but they still have their eye on you. They obviously didn’t take you at the hunter kind!

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    • After a while something more threatening than me caught their attention coming from the other direction. I was hoping for more photos but it never showed from it’s chaparral hideout.

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