I haven’t sat down long enough to post a blog in quite a while.  But it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a ton of stuff to write about.  On the contrary, I have only been home long enough to do laundry, switch bags, and leave again.  And, the few moments that I have spent at home are filled with projects…like the kitchen floor which I should be working on right now.

I don’t ever remember seeing so many wildflowers as this spring.  An incredible amount of variety and huge numbers.  Fields of them some places and hidden below larger vegetation in others.  No trip has been without them so I have summarized my travels in one blog.

Coffee break is over.

Spur Cross Ranch, Arizona
Desert Gold in Death Valley NP, California
Salvia and Poppies in Tulare, California
Morro Bay SP, California
Lupines in Fort Ord NM, California
Larkspur at Santa Margarita Lake CP, California
Larkspur along the trail in Pinnacles NP, California
Carrizo Plain NM, California
Ranger in a field of Phacelia
Sunset on the Big Sur coast, Los Padres NF, California

4 Comments on “Wildflowers

  1. Gosh, those are beautiful Peter. This certainly has been the year for wildflowers. They are all over the place up here too. I hope you will find time to post more from each location you have visited. I am guessing there are a whole lot more where these came from.

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    • Thanks. I hope to post a blog on each trip. Part of the problem is that my free time has has been spent trying to name the wildflowers….there are so many that I have never seen before. Soon.

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    • I don’t remember another year like it. Everywhere I went this spring had its compliment of wildflowers.


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