2/27/2016: Driving Backroads to Phoenix

The drive from Central California to Phoenix is usually 9 hours without traffic.  And, stuck behind a truck or 5 cars behind the driver passing each turnout, it can be a test of will power.

Years ago, I started adding some backroads into the route to give a change of pace, get away from the traffic, and see some of the country.  Near home, I used to head out Bitterwater Rd. to avoid the trucks on Rte 46 when it was only 2 lanes.  Now that the road has been improved, that excuse is gone but I reason that I have there is always the potential to see something new.

In Arizona, I found a short cut down a dirt road that cuts the buttonhook out of the interchange on Rte 40 from Needles to Kingman and south again on Rte. 93; a couple hour drive.  Is it really a short cut?  Well it saves 10 minutes.  A pittance on a 9 hour drive but considering, it is all dirt through some amazing country and without anyone on the road, it would be worth the time if it took longer.

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