3/2/2016: Touring the “Super Bloom”

My trip to visit family in Phoenix had become an exercise in making a long trip longer.  But, with all the hype regarding the “Super Bloom” in Death Valley National Park, I figured the detour would be worth the trip to see an event that might not occur for another 10 years.  Despite the lines of cars, it was worth the trip.

Initially, I was disappointed and had unknowingly driven by areas that were listed as “in full bloom”.

First, I had been spoiled on a hike earlier in the week by the lushness of the desert bloom at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area in Cave Creek, AZ.  After hours of driving through California and Arizona and back, I had passed through so many different regions, elevations, and plant groups that I had to remember to appreciate each desert for its uniqueness.  Not to compare but to honor each for what it was.

Second, only a couple of areas are great from the car.  I had to walk among the flowers and be surrounded by their vastness and variety to truly appreciate them.  Within minutes, I had seen so many different species that I was in awe.

Third, I had to leave.  After passing empty desert for hours I realized the beauty of what was left behind.  Compared to Panamint Valley, Death Valley was an alpine meadow.  The Super Bloom was worth the experience although it might have spoiled me for the next trip.


Desert Gold near Badwater



Slope above Badwater; not a bad place to camp
Furnace Wash
Furnace Wash
Rte 190 north of Furnace Creek

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4 Comments on “3/2/2016: Touring the “Super Bloom”

  1. I am totally jealous. Despite all of the visitors it sounds like a quick trip of a lifetime to see something like this. Having been there in the hot season when there wasn’t a flower to be seen this looks like a pretty special time to visit!

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  2. At the time, I was mesmerized by the scale of the valley, the night sky, and knowing that I was at the lowest elevation in North America. I really came to appreciate the wildflowers on the drive home. Now, I am glad that I have lots of pictures because I think it was an event of a lifetime.


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