2/7/2016: Touring San Juan Bautista

The goal for the day was to hike up Fremont Peak.  I needed food and fuel so decided to stop in San Juan Bautista.  What a surprise!  Talk about a town preserved in time.DSC_0025

The town is on the “El Camino Real,” but like so many small towns, once the freeway went in, the visitors slowed to a trickle.  And, I admit that I am one of those who has never stopped.  Rte 101 passes by on one side and Rte 156 on the other.  Since, I was trying  to stay on the backroads, it seemed apropos to stumble upon the town in this way.


Now, history is relative.  I had a friend whose home was built in the 1500’s.  The homes where I grew up were not labeled unless they were built before 1700.  In California, we are proud of our history from the mid 1800’s.  It might be recent history elsewhere but it is our history here.

DSC_0082The building that caught my eye was the “Texas Lodge No. 46 of the Free and Accepted Masons”.  It was early Sunday morning so the only activity were those going to mass at the Mission (Sorry Mom, I didn’t attend).  As always, I photographed the buildings that caught my eye.  When I was researching the pictures, I found that there are 2 historic districts in town listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, one around the mission plaza and the other downtown.  Both fascinating in their own way.

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5 Comments on “2/7/2016: Touring San Juan Bautista

    • The white Italianate building is the one that made me stop. The building with the wrap around porch and many others are part of the state park and were opening just as I left.


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