2/2/2016: Skiing Heavenly

Sometimes the hardest part of the trip is picking up the phone and saying “Let’s go.”  It means that I am making a conscious effort to be irresponsible.  I am looking at that long list of things to do, unfinished projects, and mounting house maintenance and leaving to go have fun.

And, what fun it was!  After missing a couple of seasons, it was a great feeling to be on my skis again.  Sure, it meant a 3 am start time and 6 hour drive, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for mid-week skiing on fresh snow after a recent storm.  For my first time skiing near Lake Tahoe, my father-in-law suggested Heavenly because of the views of the lake.  Unfortunately, I had to take his word for it the first day because we couldn’t see more than 100′.  Despite the poor visibility, the snow conditions were great.  The second day, we were rewarded with stunning views of Lake Tahoe to accompany the soft powder.  Unfortunately, as with so many mountains, a camera can’t capture the scale and feeling of the view.

Tough conditions on day 1
Lots of powder
First glimpse of Lake Tahoe
Mountains flanking Lake Tahoe


7 Comments on “2/2/2016: Skiing Heavenly

    • Mid 20’s with an icy wind. I resisted the temptation to call Jim from the lift and ask him how the new job was going.


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