10/21/2015: Biking along Cook’s Bay

The day started with an amazing sunrise over Cook’s Bay.  I am usually very good with directions but flying into another hemisphere, 2 cloudy days and driving around a peninsula have totally thrown me off.  The sun appears to be rising from the north.

We needed some exercise and our host suggested a quick ride to Cook’s Beach.  A 5 minute ferry ride and we were off.  Nothing strenuous but a combination of road, trail, and beach to stretch our legs.  The Shakespeare Cliff Scenic & Historic Reserve provided some great views and insights into the area.

Our drive took us from Whitianga to Rotorua.  Along the way, we got to see the Kauri trees.  Although small compared to what I had read about the groves up north, I was glad to have seen them in person.

The Twin Kauri (Agathis australis)

The end of the day was spent hiking and camping along Lake Okareka.  I have always lived places where tree ferns are grown but I have never seen forests of them.  Truly amazing.  But it was hard to be by the water without getting out onto it.

7 Comments on “10/21/2015: Biking along Cook’s Bay

    • No. I tried but wasn’t consistent; this is now my journal.

      I make sure to take pictures of signs as place holders in my photos. Second, even though it might be blurry, I don’t delete photos that my help jog my memory of the trip. Third, as I learned from you, take photos that tell the whole story….I’m still working on that one.

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