10/20/2014: Touring Coromandel Peninsula

It wasn’t on the itinerary but The Coromandel was one of those happy accidents that make traveling so fun.  With the suggestion of friends, we drove a loop through the Coromandel Peninsula.  Our first hike was through a very different kind of forest for us, temperate and tropical at the same time.  Our second hike seemed pure tropical: palms, lush islands, and turquoise water.  It was a great introduction to New Zealand.

8 Comments on “10/20/2014: Touring Coromandel Peninsula

    • Was it part of the plan? Did you get to spend some time there? It seemed off the radar when we were planning the trip so we were pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful it was (not that all of New Zealand wasn’t stunning)


      • Yes we planned it in advance, we had been staying in the Bay of Islands at Pahia then drove down to Coromandel staying at the delightful Coromandel Colonial Cottages motel. It was a long drive but we enjoyed the rugged coastline and stayed about 3 days before our next stop at Lake Taupo.

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      • Three days sounds perfect. We want to go to the Bay of Islands but are looking at a trip to the South Island next year. Debating an itinerary.

        We were over optimistic on drive times. The country was beautiful but we didn’t get a routine down until the 2nd half of the trip. Too much time in the camper van in the beginning, not enough time enjoying the sites.


  1. The Bay of Islands is a beautiful area and you can take the small boat across to the pretty village of Russell. We have yet to visit South Island but hope to one day. We’ve been to the US many times visiting many national parks, such diverse yet stunning scenery.

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    • I’m looking forward to the Bay of Islands. I love the National Parks but, because we usually travel with dogs, we’ve beens sticking to the National Forests and BLM land. Not as spectacular but more remote and rugged. And, since most of my travel has been in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, I am now intrigued getting abroad.


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