10/19/2014: New Zealand

It was a day of firsts!

I had dreamed of this trip for 20 years and we were finally there.  We had landed in Auckland, had our first flat-white, picked up the camper-van, and driven to my cousins house.  We took a short walk through the North Coast Memorial Gardens and felt like kids in a candy store looking at birds that we had never seen before; walking under a grove of tree ferns; surrounded by new sights and sounds.  The joy of travel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The afternoon was spent at my cousin’s birthday party with a map of New Zealand and a list of sites that we would like to see.  What we lacked was a route.  We solicited everyone’s opinion on what was a “must see.”  We all have different priorities.  Unfortunately, there was no way to see it all in the time that we had so the goal was to develop a route where we could visit the most sites in the shortest amount of time.

2 Comments on “10/19/2014: New Zealand

  1. Look at you getting fancy with the slideshow. It is so fun to look at the different birds when travelling. I just wish they would hold still while I take their photo. I also wish I had someone with me at all times that new which birds were which because it is HARD to identify them all in the books.

    How does your cousin find themselves in New Zealand?

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  2. I usually have no idea what I am photographing and it isn’t until I get home that I can look up the plants and animals. Finding different similar species in different countries is fascinating because it highlights their adaption to the environment.

    Two of my cousins married New Zealanders. One lived in Australia for years but we never visited so this trip was a priority. We didn’t want to miss another opportunity!


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