Goodbye Old Friend

We said, “Goodbye” to our old Land Rover Discovery today.  With over 200,000 miles, it was too unreliable for long trips and was relegated to the back yard to be restored “some day.”  With too many other projects, that someday was never going to come and it was time to donate it.

But what a trip down memory lane.  Reminiscing about the trip to the Mojave where the radiator cap broke while out exploring and we drove a 100 miles to the closest town with a wine cork in the radiator.  The trip to the Los Padres when we put it in 4-low, climbed a hill to set up camp with a 180 degree view of the ocean 3000′ below.  How many trips to the snow in Colorado?  The Sierras?  The times we saw a “shortcut” on the map knowing full well that it was dirt and going to take longer.

The Land Rover was our dog kennel on wheels.  When fireworks were shot off and the dogs were going insane, we would load them into the Land Rover for the calming effect.  When I heard Tank growling at Florence Lake and thought he was going to wake the neighbors camping nearby so I quickly threw him in the back, only to find there had been a bear in our site.  The dogs always got their morning and evening exercise but were happy to sleep the day away in the Rover while we skied.

And, not that it was the perfect arrangement.  Tank, our 170 lb. Mastiff had to lifted in and out.  There was the time I came out of the eye doctor with my eyes dilated and arrived at the car just in time to see Tank grab the rear view mirror in his mouth and pull it off the windshield.  I found it yesterday with the glass chunks still attached.

The tow truck couldn’t get under the low hanging wires in the yard so we had to pull the Discovery up the front with the tractor.  One last “drive” before it was unceremoniously towed away.  At least the proceeds will got the Woods Humane Society; the shelter where Sheba was adopted.

5 Comments on “Goodbye Old Friend

  1. I love how sentimentally you write about your car. I can totally relate. We have 225,000 miles on my jeep. It’s time with us is limited. But we are trying to stretch it out as far as we can. It’s a member of the family for sure. It’s taking me to a lot of cool places and on a lot of great adventures. The question is what are you going to replace it with?

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    • It was replaced years ago by the Tundra. The dogs used to like being up next to us in the Land Rover so they are not impressed with the truck bed. But now we are not covered with dog hair every time that we drive. Sorry kids.


  2. Thanks. Looking at the old photos was a great reminder of the 2 person “system” that we had to load the roof rack. We thought that getting a “pop-up” would simplify life (we were wrong).


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