10/29/2014: Touring Auckland

Our final day in New Zealand was spent with my cousin as the tour guide.  It was grey and raining and, since she was driving, we never really knew where we were until we got home and looked at a map.

The day started in Devonport on the north side of Auckland.  Poor lighting, vehicular traffic, and umbrellas deflecting the rain made for a lot of poor pictures of some beautiful buildings.  I felt that we were seeing something special but the pictures did not do them justice.  And, when I looked at the  New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero, my suspicions were confirmed.  We were looking at a lot of historic buildings.

Our next stop was the waterfront in downtown Auckland.  A couple of days of touring had to be condensed into a couple of hours, but we at least we got a feeling for the place.

Our next stop was Mission Bay on the north side of Auckland.  Art Deco is one of our favorite styles of architecture, so Mission Bay, Wellington, Devonport, and Napier were a treat.

Version 2
De Fontain and the Berkeley Cinema

Our day ended at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.  We didn’t have enough time to visit the museum but the views from the hilltop were a great ending to our trip.  Next stop…San Francisco.

Auckland War Memorial Museum


2 Comments on “10/29/2014: Touring Auckland

  1. I like the buildings from downtown, the glass ones. They are cool and modern. I hate when you visit a place and you have to fly through it without giving any one location enough time to do it justice. But, I am with you better to have seen it all and gotten a feel for it than to not have seen it at all. Type A traveling for sure!

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    • The worst part of travel is not enough time! I was so impressed with the artistic creativity in New Zealand. Both Wellington and Auckland were so architecturally rich.

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