11/23/2015: Camping Big Sur

The trip home started with scoping out next years campsite.  We have piles of notes at home; some on maps, some on scraps of paper.  Post-it-notes in travel books; anything to remind us of the best site for “next time.”

Pfeiffer Big Sur campground

The weather was hazy on the trip home so we didn’t stop for any of the epic “California coast” photos.  We did stop three times on the way home for things that we couldn’t pass up.

One.  A remote beach in Pacific Valley.  At the far end of the valley from Jade Cove, there are no signs, just a pullout and staircase bridging the fence.  It’s been one of those spots that we were going to explore “someday.”

Two.  A burger at the Sebastion Store.  Route 1 is a long, long, potentially really long drive.  It might only be 60 miles from end to end, but when you are stuck behind a car that is traveling 15 miles per hour, refusing to pull over at multiple turnouts, it can take hours.  And that’s without stops.  Sebastian’s is a great stop anyways but, since I was starving, it was very special today.

Three.  The zebras at Hearst Ranch.  We have never stopped for the zebras before.  After driving by for 15 years and watching the herd grow from a couple zebras dotting the hills to multiple herds scattered around San Simeon, the zebras were too close to the road to pass by this time.

5 Comments on “11/23/2015: Camping Big Sur

  1. I remember driving home from there and having HWY 1 washed out from a mudslide. I ended up driving over the top of one of those big mountains and finding snow! It made my trip home a wee bit longer but more interesting for it. Can’t quite remember but it may have been coming home from one Earthquake class you may remember…


    • Reservations are possible through RservAmerica. We have never been impressed with their service. I’ll have to find the map for our notes but we were tucked up against a steep hillside and never saw the sun (all day). The river side sites seemed to have sun and water.


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