11/21/2015: Camping Big Sur

I spent the last 2 weeks encapsulated in a Level A Hazmat suit so I was very happy to have a beautiful weekend camping on the California coast.  After a long week of class and fighting bay area traffic for 4 hours on Friday night, I just switched vehicles, leaving the packed car in the driveway and loading the truck and trailer early Saturday morning.

You would describe it as “summer weather” anywhere else in the world but here, it is one of the benefits of fall.  Clear blue skies, light breeze if any, ideal temperatures, calm waters…it doesn’t get any better.  Unfortunately, being Big Sur, you have to share it with a 1000 of your closest friends from all over the world.  Route 1 becomes a zoo.

Our excuse for going was to help my friend John with an Advanced Wilderness Life Support class.  As if we needed an excuse to get outdoors, this is one of the funnest classes that we’ve ever taken and were looking forward to helping with the instruction.  Lectures on the beach, scenarios in the woods; it’s not your normal continuing education credits.  One student summed it up when she said, “On the way here, I had to stop twice to cry, this area is so beautiful”  (They were expecting another snow storm at home in Michigan).

John teaches all levels of wilderness medicine and a schedule can be found at Backcountry Medical Guides

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