10/30/2015: Camping Shaver Lake

Our first view of the damage: awning on the ground, tent pole 8' up on the rock
Our first view of the damage: awning on the ground, tent pole 8′ up on the rock

At first light we assessed the damage from last night’s winds.  Not good, but not too bad either.  The awning was on the ground between the truck and trailer, still tied to a small bush with a piece of para-cord.  One of the poles was on top of an adjacent boulder, 8′ in the air.  But that was it.  It was a clean break and we were able to roll up the awning into its regular bag and tuck it away until we left.

It was a full day….of relaxing.  A morning walk with the dogs, fishing from the canoe, a nap, a good hike, a glass of wine, and a warm fire.  A nice change of pace.



Fall color
Fall color
White Headed Woodpecker
White Headed Woodpecker
Hiking the Perimeter trail (scoping out cross country trails for the winter)


Fishing from the canoe
Fishing from the canoe
Red Tailed Hawk perched above our campsite

3 Comments on “10/30/2015: Camping Shaver Lake

    • No fish but had fun fishing.

      It’s great having the canoe! I hoped that you would notice that it is being used. I just wish we had more water. The lakes are so low near home that it is not worth the time to load the canoe.


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