10/29/2015: Camping Shaver Lake

We needed an escape; after working on the kitchen remodel almost every free moment for two months, we needed some time in the mountains.  We’ve always known that Shaver Lake can be a zoo during the summertime, but we visited once during the off-season, it was very pleasant.  On this visit, we had a great site overlooking the water in  Camp Edison, a campground that we’ve passed by so often on our way to Florence Lake but only recently discovered for ourselves.

Unfortunately, we were awoken by strong gusting winds that seemed to come out of nowhere.  One of the first gusts blew so hard that the front awning was ripped off.  Completely off.  Housing and everything.  There was nothing that could be done so we waited until morning to assess the damage.  And, typical of mountain weather, the winds disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

Balancing act...waves and dogs
Balancing act…waves and dogs
Campsite straight ahead
Campsite straight ahead
Full moon rising
Full moon rising

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