10/28/2014: Flight over Kaikoura

As I wrote in Sun Salutations, I love to see the sunrise.  But it was interesting to be so close to the international dateline and realize that I was one of the first people in the world to see the day begin.  But the concept of time had been so weird the whole trip.  To “lose” an entire day on the trip there?  To return a couple of hours before we even left on the way home?  We went about our normal lives but moved between days as we crossed imaginary lines.  Would it have been any different if we had flown here from the east instead of the west?  But then, the seasons were flip-flopped.  Wisteria that was in bloom a couple of months ago at home was in bloom again.  As someone who lives my life by the seasons, time had been thrown end over end.  So was my birthday yesterday or today?

Sunrise over Kaikoura
Sunrise over Kaikoura
Sunrise on the Kaikoura Range
Sunrise on the Kaikoura Range

We had seen New Zealand from a car, camper van, bicycle, ferry, boat, and kayak but we hadn’t really seen it from the air.  We took a trip with Wings Over Whales for our final adventure in New Zealand.  While we didn’t see any whales, we weren’t disappointed; the scenery was amazing.  The color of the water, the proximity of snow capped peaks, the lusciousness of late spring.  Images that I hope to never forget.

Our chariot, a Gippsland GA8
Our chariot, a Gippsland GA8
Taking off from runway on the edge of the beach
Taking off from runway on the edge of the beach
Ocean and snow capped peaks...heaven
Ocean and snow capped peaks…heaven


The rest of the day was spent driving to Christchurch for a flight back to Auckland.  It was a great drive in its own right but could not compare to the flight and seemed more of a Sunday chore than an epic journey.  It was appreciated but could not compare.  The flight over Kaikoura seemed like the last bit of adventure as real life started to intrude into our vacation.

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