Subtlety with Water

DSC_0706 - Version 3Water is always the topic of conversation in our neighborhood.  From well depth to pipe repairs, aquifer stability to water rights, whenever people get together, water will creep in somewhere.  In the midst of a horrible drought, the days of fountains are gone so I was surprised to find how impressive the subtle bowls of water were in Thailand.  Tucked into the gardens, they still had the refreshing qualities of a waterfall and ornamentation of a fountain.  DSC_0069

They were impressive accents waiting to be found.

Whenever we travel, I am looking for ideas for our home and garden and this is one I really hope to use.


2 Comments on “Subtlety with Water

  1. Very pretty. Do you have any idea how they keep the water from going stale?

    We too talk about nothing but water up here. It rained Wednesday and people were posting photos of the water on Facebook they were so excited. Hopefully it has helped with the mega fire containment.

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  2. We only got a sprinkle this week but we will take anything. It’s so funny that we would be out taking pictures of a little rain (we did the same in July) but it is such a pleasant change here that it’s worth celebrating. I hope that it helps with the fires but everything is so dry this year, it’s going to take a lot more rain to saturate the 1000 hour fuels. I’ve seen fire behavior this year that I have never seen in my career.

    In Thailand some of the bowls had fish in them. They would take care of both algae and insects. The presence of the lotus in others would shade the interior preventing algae growth. But, I’m not really sure.


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