How Well Does your Garden Travel?

It’s that time of year.  The garden and orchard are in full swing.

We love to dry our fruit for hiking and vegetables for backpacking.  Especially when the days hit 100+, we stick our dehydrator on the back porch to make quick work of our harvest.

Figs and Apples Drying
Figs and Apples Drying

As the summer fairs start, we try to support 4H and FFA each summer with a couple of purchases.  A large roast makes great jerky.  And, in the spirit of experimentation, we made lamb jerky from an oversized leg that we couldn’t figure out how we could eat in a week.  Again, great food for hiking or backpacking.

Lamb Jerky
Lamb Jerky
Homemade sausage from the neighbors
Homemade sausage from our neighbors

When weight does not matter?  We will pick fresh herbs to take with us.  Basil, thyme, lemon grass, bay leaves, they all travel well.

Fresh Herbs in Stew
Fresh Herbs in Stew
Cucumber salad and beef stew
Cucumber salad from the garden

How much of your garden travels with you?

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